Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bag No Box: Vanderbilt Raises $30 Million for Student Rec Center Expansion

Construction is scheduled to begin in September. Chancellor Zeppos will make the announcement during halftime of the South Carolina game according to the release. From the release:
Construction will involve enhancing the existing Student Recreation Center so that it can serve the entire Vanderbilt community as well as building a multipurpose facility, which will include a 120-yard-long indoor practice field surrounded by a 300-meter indoor track. 
The project, which re-imagines sports and fitness at the university, moves toward the trend on many college campuses of combined recreation facilities that serve students, faculty and staff. 
 . . .  
The indoor practice field will be available for varsity teams, including football, soccer and lacrosse, as well as intramural and club sports teams. The indoor track also will be open for use by the university’s athletic teams and students, faculty and staff. 
Upgrades to the recreation center include expanding weight training, multipurpose spaces and cardiovascular and fitness areas, as well as the addition of a four-lane bowling alley that will both support the university’s varsity bowling team and provide a new recreational activity

This is exciting news and even more evidence of the financial commitment both the university and its supporters are making not only to Athletics, but also to the students, facility, and staff of Vanderbilt.  If you haven't already, please consider contributing to the National Commodore Club as they need all the financial support they can get.

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