Friday, August 3, 2012

5-7 the New 6-6?

At least that's how it seems after the NCAA Board of Director's approved a bowl selection process that allowed for teams that finished 5-7 to bowl eligible. Simply finishing 5-7 isn't enough to get the invite (sorry UT fans), instead according to the story
Under the new measure, if there are not enough bowl-eligible teams, or if a bowl cannot be filled by its conference affiliations, the open spots would be filled through a six-tier tiebreaking process. The 5-7 teams, if they have a top-five score on the Academic Progress Rate, can enter at the bottom of the process.
Not to dimish expectations, but this is potentially great news for Vanderbilt and it's fans as the Commodores are always leaders in terms of Academic Progress Rate.

What do you think VSLNation, should 5-7 teams be bowl eligible?

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Duke Stoner said...

I do not believe that 6 - 6 teams should be going to a bowl game, so it probably goes without saying that I do not support 5 - 7 teams bowling. Feels way too much like the kindergarten "everybody gets a trophy" mentality. Let's reward an outstanding season, not average.