Monday, July 23, 2012

VSL Poll: Should the NCAA Have Punished Penn State

The NCAA penalized Penn State this morning, fining the institution $60 million dollars (to be paid to charties dealing the child abuse), vacating all wins since 1998, a 4-year post-season ban, and a significant reduction in football scholarships.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely they should have punished PSU.

Consider a comparison case of top athletic and university officials running some other sort of criminal enterprise out of the AD (e.g, drug trafficking). Does anybody think the NCAA doesn't have a role there?

And really, these PSU undergrads are driving me crazy. (

MiamiDore said...

I think the NCAA got it right on this one. I love that the money will be used for legit good and that they're allowing players to transfer if they want and approving scholarship extension for programs that may be full.

TackerDad said...

Looks to me like the NCAA finally got one right.

Clark said...

They didn't go far enough. While it was a football coach who committed the infractions, it was the head of the athletics department who led the cover up. The entire department should be punished, not just the football program.