Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vanderbilt Completes Investigation on Tampering Allegations

The University of Maryland filed a formal complaint with the ACC alleging that Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin improperly tampered with Danny O'Brien while he was still under scholarship with the Terrapins. Vanderbilt had completed their investigation and forwarded it to the SEC according to a story in today's Tennessean.

Vice Chancellor David Williams said in a statement published on, the University conducted a "thorough review" including "[looking] closely at months of phone and email records, and Twitter accounts. We interviewed all of our coaches with University of Maryland backgrounds and we also interviewed the student-athlete."

According to the report, the study was done internally because Vice Chancellor Williams believed the alleged violation would, at most, be a secondary violation.

In the statement, Williams said: “Our reputation is our primary concern . . . We have a long and proud history of playing by the letter and the spirit of the rules. Coach Franklin feels the same way. He and his staff were most cooperative."

There is no time-table on when this issue will be formally resolved.

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