Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tournament Selection Show Open Thread

Thoughts with only seeing the South bracket is that UK gets out of that bracket easy. Also glad to see Vandy won't have to play VCU or New Mexico State in the opening round.

Vandy also avoids Long Beach State state who will take on New Mexico.

Murray State not in our bracket. Thank God.

Florida gets a tough 1st round matchup against UVA. Surprised they fell to the 7th seed.

Vandy vs. Harvard.......cue the smart guy jokes. Not happy we are playing in Albuquerque (than again maybe Jeff Taylor goes off in his home state) but what can you do.

Gotta like that bracket overall with the exception of Cuse who I think is my pick to play UK in the National Championship.

Temple gets the 5 seed in Nashville AND the matchup of winner of California and South Florida AND I'd rather play Michigan than Wisconsin in round 2. Dammit that would have been great.

Harvard was 26-4 (losses to Penn and Princeton in conference play and Fordham and UConn out of conference).

Harvard goes 10 deep. Don't have one elite scorer but a bunch of guys who can add buckets. Top scorer is Kyle Casey who drops 11.3 per game.

Whoa!!!!!! Greg Anthony picks Vandy to make it to the Final Four.


J.B., M.D. said...


Andrew Smith said...

I don't think we did well with this bracket otherwise.

A. We could have been higher than a five seed easily.

B. We got a hard road for a five seed. Florida St. is the best of the 4 seeds. They beat Duke and UNC twice, for God's sake. Michigan St. is probably the weakest 1 seed but Kansas is the strongest 2 seed.

C. We're way away from home, so we won't draw many fans, not that we ever do.

Douglas James said...

Yeah but a big Jeff Taylor contingent!!!!!!! He is gonna want to kick ass in his home state.

Andrew Smith said...

I was actually looking at a projected bracket rather than the actual one, which should explain some of my confusing comments.

Why the hell would ESPN still have projections up after the real stuff came out?

I actually like the lay of reality better. I've seen Wisconsin play a couple times and haven't been wowed. Syracuse is obviously tough, but OSU also looks beatable. (I guess I'm saying the Big 10 hasn't impressed me all that much.)