Thursday, March 15, 2012

@theLiteraryMan Wants VSLNation to Get Pumped

Due to technical difficulties, VSLNation's author-in-residence wasn't able to put this in the comments section of Stanimal's post. However, he's got something to say, so we're going to let him...:
LET THE MADNESS BEGIN. Thank you, Stanimal, for this cautiously optimistic preview of this afternoon's blood-feud. Let's just put some positivity into the universe, shall we? Our guys are FURIOUS RIGHT NOW. They murdered Kentucky in their sleep, and then the committee has the gall to get all cutesy and match us up with the OTHER smart kids school? Who do you THINK YOU ARE, COMMITTEE? You're a bunch of SISSIES. And when the BOW BREAKS, the cradle will fall. Ladies and gentlemen, it has FALLEN. You think we're afraid of your little CAN'T USE PROFANITY BUT I'D REALLY LIKE TO mind-games? Hell no.

What this committee effectively did was give us a little slap in the face, saying yeah you might have been top dog in the SEC tournament, but deep down inside we the committee think you're just a bunch of smart kids, so we're going to give you smart kid match up so we can all make references to Julius Caesar and spelling bees and the circumference of a circle or WHATEVER WE FEEL LIKE. Well, then, we're gonna bring it, bitches.

Vanderbilt's only mission is this: to murder Harvard by whatever means possible. By hook, crook, or by the book lights out three point shooting, monstrous dunks from the diabolical left hand of Lance Gut-Slashing Goulbourne, Festus Furious Ezeli, Jeffrey Biceps Taylor, Brad Big Game Tinsley, and Long Live the King John Jenkins.

Vanderbilt by 30. Let's do this.

What say you, VSLNation?


Woody said...


I like it.

tyler s said...

Excellent Scent of a Women reference.