Friday, March 30, 2012

Fuller Sticking Around....Henderson Needs Surgery

Jeff Lockridge reported today that Kyle Fuller will be sticking around for his junior season. If your thinking what's the big deal? He hardly played this year and got passed on the depth chart by a true freshman. Well you would be partially right. Yes Kedren Johnson will be the started next season but Fuller is the only other point guard on the roster and will little to no Power Forward/Center depth, this team is going to be incredibly guard dependent. Also Kyle is an excellent defender, he is lightning quick, and was a highly rated recruit out of high school. Some kids just take a little longer to develop and feel comfortable at the next level. And with already losing 5 seniors and most likely John Jenkins, keeping a kid with identifiable skills and 2 years in the program can only help. If the kid can gain some more confidence on the offensive zone than I think he could be one of the underrated impact players for a team with low expectations but incredibly important for the future of Commodore basketball.

Also in the article was news that CKS hasn't closed the book on bringing in another couple of recruits and that the only Center on the roster needs to have surgery on his foot. A big guy with feet problems is never good.

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buzneg said...

Don't rule out Jenkins return.

It's more apt to happen than we may think.