Saturday, February 11, 2012

VU vs. UK: Halftime Thoughts

Kentucky plays great defense, but there seems to be a lid on the basket.  So many missed opportunities in the paint, including a number of times when we did a great job of crashing the offensive glass and getting second chances.  We actually executed decently in terms of getting it inside, but when UK collapses on Festus we need to be quicker and crisper about kicking it back out to the open shooter or else taking it up strong.  They are way too active with their hands for us to be doing a lot of dribbling around the basket, and that's especially true when it's Festus putting it on the floor.  Also, getting them to foul is great but it's not worth a whole lot when you miss your free throws (looking at you Fez). 

Defense is another matter.  Given how well UK executes, I think we've handled ourselves reasonably well, if less consistently than one would like, but it would be nice to see us actually make a few adjustments and pick up on the idea that they're looking to go over the top on practically every play.  It would also be nice to see us box out better on the defensive end, because it turns out that, unlike us, Kentucky is not missing their putback opportunities.

I don't like that Jeffery Taylor has only taken three shots.

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