Wednesday, February 22, 2012

VICTORY: O'Brien, Rowson, and Garcia Free to Transfer to Vanderbilt

That's the story in this morning's Baltimore Sun by Jeff Barker. The decision comes in the wake of a Sports Illustrated piece by Michael Rosenberg highlighting how Maryland and Edsall were accepting transfers from New Mexico after UNM's Head Coach was fired and subsequently hired to be the Terrapins Offensive Coordinator.

According to the story, "Maryland is pursuing the matter of possible tampering through the schools’ respective conferences." I certainly run the risk of being loud and wrong (not the first time), but I don't buy it. There is a huge difference between saying you are going to pursue tampering changes, and actually doing so. Tampering was the only thread Edsall was holding on to and Franklin, with the backing of Vice Chancellor David Williams, has very publically said he did nothing wrong. Saying they would pursue the claim with the respective conferences is the only way for Maryland to save face.

It should be clear that none of these players have committed or publically stated an intention to transfer to Vanderbilt. However, given all the media attention and the fact this story centered around these players being reunited with Coach James Franklin, you have to like the chances that at least one or two of these guys end up in Nashville.

UPDATE (8:35 am): The Washington Post's Eric Prisbell (who could probably cover Vanderbilt at this point) is reporting that "Maryland has filed a formal complaint with the ACC, an individual familiar with the complaint said. The ACC has turned the complaint over to the SEC, which is expected to review the matter." (Emphasis mine). Prisbell is also saying that the decision to release O'Brien and the others was made by Edsall, not Maryland Athletic Director, Kevin Anderson.


Tom said...

I think the final straw was when I linked the SI piece to my facebook page.

I'm glad that the players now have the right to make a choice. I just hope that it's Vandy.

pking34 said...

Let's get real----- who believes Locksley WASN'T "tampering" with Zach Dancel (whose transfer to Maryland probably opened the door for Maryland to get the 2 highest-rated commits in their 2012 recruiting class)? Only difference is that Bob Davie (new UNM HC) isn't nearly as vindictive as Edsall.

buzneg said...

Edsall is a DOOOOOOOSH-BAG. Vinegar and water at that. Not the pretty scented kind.

Bill Wilson said...

You are a bit premature to call victory here. Edsall saves face with the national media after his reversal, but given the tampering accusations, the time frame of an investigation may effectively block Vanderbilt from having a chance at any of these players. Edsall gets his way--just don't see how O'Brien comes to Vandy now.

Bobby O'Shea said...

The tampering charge was and is a transparent attempt to save face by Edsall. I doubt the investigation will prohibit O'Brien from being on campus this summer (once he completes his studies at Maryland) if he ultimately decides to go to Vanderbilt.