Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tune In Tonight to Cheer On Zack Terrill in the College Jeopardy National Championship

Football, basketball and baseball tend to occupy nearly all of our energy here at VSL.  As such, we have been remiss in not alerting VSL Nation to an important development: There is a national championship on the line for Vanderbilt University TONIGHT. 

Yes, that's right, after beating out nearly 12,000 competitors from across the country to get to this point, VU senior Zack Terrill will be vying for all the marbles -- $100,000 worth to be precise -- in the final half of the final round of the Jeopardy! College Championship at 6pm CST (check your local listings) against a couple of really smart ladies from relatively obscure colleges.  If you happened to catch the first half of final-round action last night, you already know that it was an intense, hotly contested battle with multiple lead changes and momentum swings for all three contests.  Although Zack finished a close third at the end of the first half, he is very much within striking distance.  This is anyone's championship.

For what it's worth, I don't know Zack Terrill from Adam but I have to say he comes across as a very pleasant fellow on national TV.  Do us proud, my good man.

Go Dore.

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