Monday, February 20, 2012

(Former) Terrapins Held Hostage: Week 2

If it hadn't already, the story of Randy Edsall preventing Danny O'Brien, Max Garcia, and Mario Rowson from transferring to Vanderbilt because . . . well, we don't know why other than the fact that he's a spiteful megalomanic, is on the precipice of going national.'s Gregg Doyel gives Randy Edsall the Sally Jenkins treatment.

Doyel doesn't mince words: "The way I see it, Randy Edsall has just provided the tipping point against bullying, hypocritical coaches. Because this one is so bad, so unfair, it won't simply fade away. What Edsall is doing to Danny O'Brien could, and should, leave a lasting mark. . . " Ouch. But it gets worse:
Edsall is a hypocrite of the highest order. When he decided to leave UConn for Maryland in early January 2011, UConn still had a game to play. Nothing much, just the first BCS bowl game in program history. But Edsall already had one foot out the door, so much so that he didn't even fly home from the 2011 Fiesta Bowl with his team. Nope, he took a separate flight to Maryland -- as did his family.
As if that's not bad enough:
On his way out of Arizona, though, Edsall learned that UConn's best underclassman, running back Jordan Todman, would enter the 2011 NFL Draft. So right there in the losing locker room, minutes away from his own departure for a secret flight to Maryland, Edsall made Todman tell the team he was leaving them.

The Todman story shows, as Doyel says, the remarkable "obtuseness" of Edsall's character, especially when compared to his own actions. Doyel tees up the situation better than any who's written on the subject that I've seen (and as our coverage would indicate, I've pretty much seen it all):
Edsall picked the wrong player to bully. Want a poster boy for college football? You could do worse than Danny O'Brien. Never been in trouble off the field. Graduated in three years. Wants to play at a great academic school for his first coach. Not a whiff of tampering allegations, either.
And that, at the end of the day, is the point. Edsall has decided to be a bully because he can, but he's picked the wrong player (and the wrong blog) to act out his messianic tendencies on.

This isn't going to end well, Randy, all that's left to do is end it.

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