Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Early-Bird Special Ends Today . . . So Buy Tickets

Commodore fans, today is the last day to buy tickets for the 2012 football season paying 2011 prices.

All the information you need to purchase tickets can be found here, and tickets can be ordered online or by calling the ticket office at 322-GOLD (4663). And, to get even better seats (and parking), consider becoming a member of the National Commodore Club (which can also help you get tickets for Vanderbilt's upcoming NCAA Tournament games).

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buzneg said...

When you call in to renew your football tickets, be sure to voice your displeasure at how our baseball team...just off being in the being run this year. Without the pitching and defense of past years, that small-ball crap of taking perfect pitches to constantly be behind in the count 0-2 is turning out to be a disaster...we are now 1-7 without a win over a single major college.