Friday, January 6, 2012

DBs Coach and Co-Recruiting Coordinator Wesley McGriff Also Out at Vandy

Jeff Lockridge has confirmed that he took a job as co-defensive coordinator at Ole Miss.  Another very tough coaching loss for Vandy, especially as it relates to recruiting.  Will be very interesting to see how CJF fills these positions and what happens between now and Signing Day.


Andrew Smith said...

Can someone please explain to me why there either are no contracts in college football or they don't seem to matter?

I'm well aware you can't keep a promising coach with ambitions, I assume, to be a head coach two or three levels down at QB coach forever. But they've only been there one bloody year.

Why on earth, when you bring in a brand new coaching staff, don't you get at least three year commitments from everyone? Commitments that actually matter.

It seems we basically set ourselves up last year so that if the coaches proved bad, we'd have to keep them several years but if they proved good, as they did, we'd either have to throw money at them or watch them all leave.

Dean Williams fail.

Douglas James said...

I dont think there is much the University or Williams could do to prevent moves like this. It happens to every other school.

But this does really hurt. Hopefully, CJF and the administration are able to fill these holes quickly and more importantly, are able to hold onto the recruits.