Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vandy Blows Through Liberty Bowl Allotment, Franklin Ups the Ante

On the heels of news that Commodore fans have already purchased over 11,000 Liberty Bowl tickets through Vanderbilt -- well over the original 10,000-ticket allotment -- CJF has laid down another challenge: Rather than the 20,000 Vanderbilt fans that he initially said he wanted to see at the game, Franklin has pronounced that he now "expects" to see 30,000 in black and gold in Memphis.  That's half the stadium's capacity.

Great work so far, sports fans.  For those who haven't booked yet, tickets are $56 and can be purchased here.


TheHaj said...

I ordered tix through Ticketmaster and got a confirmation email that I ordered three, but nothing else. Does anyone know when we should hear something about this?

Bobby O'Shea said...

My understanding is that the Ticket Office will be assigning seats based on NCC priority. After that, seats will be given out first-come, first serve. If you contributed to the NCC and ordered through Ticketmaster, make sure someone at VU knows you are an NCC member to maximize your seating location.