Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vanderbilt Downs Davidson 87-83

The Commodores led by as many as 18 in the second half, but had a difficult time closing out the Wildcats. Jeffery Taylor scored a career high 30 points, but the big story was the return of Festus Ezeli, who scored 15 points in 21 minutes in his season debut. There is no question that Ezeli is a differene maker on both sides of the floor, and that th Commodores are significantly better with him than without him. But the fact remains that Vanderbilt has squandered double-digit leads without, and now with, the big man. It will obviously take time for this team to gel, and there is no doubt that letting a team back into the game and winning is a helluva lot different than giving up a lead and losing. Still, Vanderbilt needs to finish games, and not find themselves always having to eek out victories.

Either way, we'll take it. Heading into a 10-day exam break, this win is hopefully the thing this team needs to get back on track.


Anything but Gatorade said...

Not to be Negative Norman, but the weaknesses are still there. Also, if three years isn't enough time for a team to gel, how much more time do they need?

Good work, just a little disagreement here.

Bobby O'Shea said...

All fair points. My "geling" issue was that they haven't played together this year. I think it takes a little time to get back into the flow, even if you've played together for 3 years. It is not like riding a bike, but it is certainly something they should pick up quickly.

As for the weaknesses still being there, I have to agree. The free throw shooting was better, but the team still lacks the killer instinct, which is something we have chronicled since at least last year.

It's worth mentioning, that while the bench definitely played better (I am not including Fez in that equation, because he isn't a bench player even though he came off it tonight), unless this team finds itself in some lopsided games in our favor, those guys aren't going to get the minutes they need to improve.


Hey Anything.... you're not being a Negative Norman. The facts are the facts, and though I doubt they appreciate it being said, I am quite tired of the Kool Aid drinkers' comments that seem to dominate this site.

Be VU proud... be loyal; but do not be stupid or refuse to accept the truth.

First it was no it's he's not back all the way. Come March, when we find our favorite team where they have been far too often lately, the Stallings apologists will be using some other excuses or saying that we got the "toughest" draw in the tournament when we drew Podunk State A&T.

If insanity is repeating the same action expecting a different result.... most of the posters here, including myself, have been guilty. NEVER MORE!!!! Stallings is Stallings, poor freethrow shooting is poor freethrow shooting, choking on big leads is choking on big leads; and, a woefully inadequate backcourt is just that.

To the "drinkers"; hang in there and keep the faith. However, I intend to be around to add a dose of reality when I get the opportunity.