Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ticket Information for the Liberty Bowl

Vanderbilt will take on Cincinnati in the Auto Zone Liberty Bowl on December 31 in Memphis. But chances are, you already knew that. What you want to know, is how to buy tickets? To buy tickets, click here. Tickets will be allocated in the following way:
1. Active NCC members (all donors to athletics). An active NCC member is defined as a donor who has made a gift to Vanderbilt Athletics in either the 2011 or 2012 fiscal year.
2. Season ticket holders to the given sport (who are not active NCC members).
3. General public
So, the best way to ensure you'll be there to support the Commodores is by joining the National Commodore Club (and tell them you read VSL).

For other information, be sure to check out Bowl Central on


Greg M said...

When we went to teh Music City Bowl in 2008 I got 5 tickets for my family on Stub Hub for $2/ each. I'm not kidding. Is there any reason I shouldn't do that again. I mean does the University benefit in any way from me buying their $50 ticket? Or is my families butts in the seats enough?

Bobby O'Shea said...

Vanderbilt benefits if their fans buy tickets through the school because it makes it more likely we will sell our entire allotment. This is one of the things bowls look at when extending invitations: who will travel well, and what school will buy tickets. Schools are usually on the hook for a certain number of tickets, so if they don't sell their allotment, they are on the hook for paying those costs.

Attending the game is obviously the most important thing, and I recognize that $50 for a ticket can be expensive (especially when compared to $2). However, buying ticket through the school would have some benefit for Vandebilt.