Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recruiting News (Round-Ball Edition)

So Vandy has secured its 2nd commitment for the 2012 basketball recruiting class (its not A.P, at least not yet, but more on that later). Its A.J.........no not that A.J.

Its A.J. Astroth a 6'6 shooting guard/wing player from Tampa. AJ #2 is a 3-star recruit on Rivals and a 90 on ESPN.com. Seems like another good under the radar type of kid, an excellent complimentary piece who could grow into a building block if given the time and if he develops right.

HOWEVER, the bigger news from yesterday is that Alex Poythress, Vandy's #1 recruiting target has stated that he will announce his commitment on Thursday at 2 p.m. (sorry I'm an east coast kid).

AP has parsed his list down to four: Memphis, UK, Vandy and Florida but it seems like Memphis/Vandy and UK are in a 3 team race for his services according to the gossip queens on the various message boards.

It seems like no one really knows anything that is saying anything so all we can do is sit an hope that Thursday is the beginning of an awesome weekend for the Black and Gold.

Keep those fingers crossed.

UPDATE: 12:34 pm

Recruiting is like a game of dominoes.....or more accurately a game of "Domino Rally"(what an awesome game!!!!!)

Anyway, one domino fell today as Rivals is reporting that Shaquille Goodwin, a 4-star (borderline 5-star) power forward out of Georgia has committed to Memphis. This does a couple of things. (1) it makes it less likely that Memphis gets 2 different players (Tony Parker and Jarnell Stokes), 2) that it turn makes it more likely that Stokes goes to UK, which both lead to Vandy having a slightly better shot at AP then they did just a few hours ago.

Now AP supposedly made his decision prior to this announcement but I would assume he made it having an idea that this would happen. Now all these guys seem to be versatile enough that they could def play together and AP is supposedly friends with Goodwin so it could actually mean he is more likely to go to Memphis. So it isn't a huge difference but I think its a step in the right direction. Yes, I'm a recruiting loser but I have accepted that. Let's just all agree to move on.


Anonymous said...

ESPN is reporting that Goodwin chose Memphis, not Vandy... who to believe?!?!

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing all Google News accounts saying Memphis as well. Wow, thanks for crushing our hearts VandySportsLine! We have nothing but turd recruits now, unless we get AP!

Douglas James said...

Note to self, cramming a post in while on a 15 minute lunch break during a hearing and eating a turkey sandwich is a bad idea.

New Shaq. has committed to Memphis hence the impact on Parker, Stokes and A.P. possibly committing there as well.