Monday, November 28, 2011

Men's Team Moves Up In the Poll's.....HUGE Home Game Against Xavier

CKS's squad moved up to #19 in the ESPN poll and #20 in the AP poll.

Xavier comes to Memorial, ranked #11. Their guards can score. Makes me nervous.

Coming with Xavier is graduate transfer and former Commie, Andre Walker.

This is a big game. Easily the best team we have faced all year. Hoping the fan's, specifically the student section (returning from Thanksgiving Break) can help propel this team to a win. We have an even tougher game on Friday #6 Louisville. Really need a split here.

What's everyone's thoughts going into this game?


Old Prospector said...

We actually moved down 2 spots in the AP.

Andrew Smith said...

If we play the way we have been playing, we will lose by 20.

That said, perhaps this is a team that plays up to the competition as well as down to it.

Anonymous said...

I get the impression they do sometimes.

It's one thing to say Cleveland State will play you hard. It was true (and how), but I can see dismissing a plucky mid-major in practice. They won't dismiss a nationally ranked team.

I love Old Prospector's avatar.