Tuesday, November 22, 2011

James Frankin's Monday Press Conference

Franklin noted that he was familar with the Wake Forest program given his time in the ACC. CJF noted that Wake is 56-22 when scoring 24 or more points.

Franklin on Tennessee Coach Derek Dooley's post-game locker room comments regarding the Volunteers' success against the Commodores. Franklin's response is classic: "We'll talk about it next year a lot. We'll watch it as many times as we need to watch it. That's a wound I'm going to leave open for a year and we'll discuss it next year. I look at that as respect. Some people act like they won a Super Bowl when they beat a team that the previous two years they won two games. Obviously we are closing the gap and making some people uncomfortable." (Emphasis added). A fitting jab from Franklin, and an indication (to me) of how far Tennessee has dropped in a relatively recent period of time. Turns out, Clay Travis might be right.

On tough losses at Vanderbilt: "The tough losses at Vanderbilt sting more . . . because we haven't had enough wins in our history. So when you have a chance to get one and you feel like it's taken away either by your own mistakes or by somebody else, they hurt more. Our plan is to make sure we win enough games that those losses aren't as agonizing."

On some of the offensive linemen's penalties: "There are 2 plays this year that guys havedgone what we haven't taught them to do. And that's what's frusterating. . . . We've had 2 blocks this year that were across the back of legs that are not what we teach and that are not acceptable and when I see it on tape it's embarassing to me as a coach. We'll get that fixed. . . . I don't consider those blocks dirty . . . our kids are trying to play hard, they aren't trying to hurt anybody."

Here is the complete recap from VUCommodores.com.


Seamus O'Toole said...

If you weren't ready to run through a wall for this man post-Georgia game, where are you now?

Anonymous said...

I agree, I would absolutely run through a wall for this man. It is no surprise watching his press conferences why guys want to play for him.

Also, word on the street (ie-Rivals) that Gunner Kiel (#1 QB/5* player) is on campus right now (got in yesterday) visiting with CJF and watching practice/touring campus/etc. Even if he doesn't sign with VU (I think Notre Dame is also in the running for him), the fact that CJF in his first full season is getting these types of players to look at Vanderbilt, shows what direction our program is heading. Hard not to get excited about this.