Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SEC Suspends 2 UGA players, Logan Stewart

Full story here.

Fact: Stewart shouldn't have chop blocked him while the play was pretty much over. Fact: Geathers shouldn't have pulled the classless move of getting on top of Stewart and throwing fisticuffs.

Fact: Shawn Williams was the whole reason this Grantham/Franklin stuff started. He committed two personal fouls, including an unneccessary helmet-to-helmet hit on Jordan Matthews. Franklin went to chat with Richt about it, couldn't find him, found Grantham. Grantham proceeded to point his finger in his face and act like an idiot.

That's pretty much the extent of the story.


VandyImport said...

Fact: Nick Fairley basically went headhunting on UGA's QB last year and got no suspension.

Fact: SEC officiating and judgement is inconsistent, erratic, and rapidly approaching the caliber of bad joke we've come to expect from the Pac-12, not the "best conference in America."

Fact: I need a drink.

Stanimal said...

All three sound pretty right to me.

Anonymous said...

Defensive linemen's job is to go full speed to the passer, which is why hitting QB a step after the throw draws a flag but no suspension. Offensive lineman diving at legs from behind after the whistle is a different story. It is an intense game but Stewart got what he deserved. Geathers should have gotten a full game. Fairley was an animal.

aspenVU said...

This is moral victory stuff - just win.

AD said...

Here's the hit on Matthews: