Friday, October 21, 2011

Recruiting Notebook

Hello, my name is Douglas James. I know I have been away for a while but it's not because I don't love you guys. I just have had a ton of weddings this summer, have been getting killed at work and have a demanding girlfriend.

Anyhow, I feel like procrastinating for the last 30 minutes of work before I head out for the weekend (and off to ANOTHER WEDDING!)

So football recruiting is looking great, has us ranked as the 25th ranked class in the country lead by studs like Brian Kimbow (RB), Andre McDonald (WR) and a host of talented LB's and DE's.

Likewise, Baseball has been ranked as the #1 recruit class in the country by Baseball America (you can check the details out only if you have a membership).

However, that is not why I am here today. I am here to freak out (and not in a good way) about CKS and the 2012 men's basketball recruiting class. So far we only have 1 commit. Kevin Bright a supposedly 4-star type of recruit from Germany. Bright is a 6'5 small forward with some skills but little info from the recruiting services over here across the pond. Seems like a good start, but not the guy you base your program on.

The problem is basically every big time guy CKS has gone after in the past few months has said no to the Black and Gold......
1) Arnaud Adala Moto......committed to Wake Forrest (umm is this 1996?)
2) Connor Lammert.....committed to Texas (Rick Barnes is not a good coach)
3) Prince Ibeh......committed to Texas (see above)

And then just today (or very recently) Blaise Mbargorba, a 7 footer from New Jersey by way of Cameroon decides to commit to SMU. Yes, you read that right, Southern Methodist University.

Now we are OK because our #1 target for the past 2 1/2 years, Clarksville, TN's own Alex Poythress is still uncommitted. He has cut his list to UK, Florida, Memphis and Vandy.

I'd say the best thing we have going for us at this point regarding AP's recruitment is the fact that everyone of these other teams have significant interest in MANY other players, specifically many other forwards. And well, Vandy has...........NO ONE. According to Rival's we only have one other offer out there to a player not previously committed and its to a 3-star power forward named Marshall Wood.

So yes, I am pinning all my hopes for the 2012 recruiting class on Mr. AP. Please come to Vandy, you will step in and start right away. You will have talented players around you but you will be the number one guy from day one on campus (since Jenkins will probably go pro after this year).

That's about all I got.......time to get to the airport with my garment bag so I can go to some wedding in Charlotte, NC. They better have a good open bar at this thing.


A.J. said...

If we can get Poythress, we'll be OK, but even with him and Bright, a good transfer could go a long way towards carrying us into our future.

Anonymous said...

This is terrifying...We need Poythress

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping an eye on our target lists from all the different sites (rivlas, scout, espn) and it's pretty crazy where some of these guys are going. Finishing in the top 5 of all these recruits lists isn't where we need to be. We need to lock in Poythress and find a true big man fast. We're losing 5 seniors and probably Jenkins...