Saturday, October 29, 2011

DEVASTATING: Commodores Fall to Arkansas 31 -28

We'll have coverage, thoughts, etc....later, but the wound is still fresh. In the meantime, here's the coverage from


Anonymous said...

WOW, we played a top 10 team and WE WERE THE BETTER TEAM!!! I waas there and really disapointed with the crowd. We need fans to support the team. Ark got most of the breaks and we still should have won. The future is bright! WATCH OUT SEC, THE DORES ARE COMING!!!!!!!

Greg M said...


Douglas James said...

I don't blame students and casual fans for not showing more support for this team yet. Die hards such as the people who frequent this blog know this team is getting much better, but the casual observer just see's Vandy getting another moral victory. This is a small and jaded fan base, they are going to have to win these games and win them often to turn around 50 years of apathy.

I think it will get done and really hope Franklin is committed long term (would love to see him be the Frank Beamer, Bobby Bowden, Bill Snyder of Vandy where he coaches the team for 30 years and basically becomes the program). But that is gonna take a lot of time and beating Elon, UConn, Ole Miss and Army is just not enough...yet

Pigtroll said...

pigtroll here:
Very impressed with Vanderbilt players and coaching. As the Dores fan said, watch out SEC!