Saturday, October 15, 2011

Commodores Go Down 33-28, But Not Without a Fight

It was a wild game as the Commodores lost 33-28 to the Georgia Bulldogs in a game that will be remembered as much for what happened after it concluded, as what happened during the 60 minutes of play.

We'll have more coverage tomorrow (or perhaps later tonight - in the mean time, be sure to check out our friends at Anchor of Gold), but suffice it to say I think Vanderbilt fans should feel pretty good about their team and their Coach after tonight's game.

If nothing else, it's safe to say the Commodores now have a quarterback then can have confidence in going forward. There is now no question that Jordan Rodgers is this team's best option to win.

Here are the final stats. Weigh in on what you saw.


Anonymous said...

At 4/17 for 47 yards he was outpassed by the combined punter/halfback trick pass plays which means that even though he is btter than Smith, we still are understaffed at SEC quality experienced QB's. Franklin is fixing that.

Speaking of fixing, when will we get a new lighting system??? The current one is as dim and outdated as american idol.

Anonymous said...

I've been following VU football for 25 years and I love this team. Keep up the good work and keep fighting!

AD said...

Jotted my reaction here:

JR's passing stats didn't look good, but his running ability sure did, and I don't know how is line compares to Larry's this season. The backup qb is always the most popular guy on the team, but for whatever reason, I felt a lot better about JR than LS after this game, and I know CJF doesn't want to talk to the media about next week's starter until Weds, but if it's going to be JR, I hope he's getting time with the first team starting today. All in.