Sunday, October 9, 2011

CJF's Post-Game Press Conference

Franklin sounded off after Vanderbilt's 34-0 defeat at the hands of the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide. Coach remained optimistic, but stared out the press conference by saying: "All I can say is we have to keep working hard and we'll eventually close the gap. We're going to work hard every day by developing our kids and recruiting." Franlkin continued:
'Our offense moved the ball well tonight but we didn't make the plays we needed to. When we had the chance to execute, we didn't do it. Also, we can't have missed field goals. Our two missed field goals killed our momentum. I thought our defense played well but they got worn down because they were on the field too long. We also didn't do a great job on third down, and our offense was inconsistent. We will get this fixed though."

CJF was quick to remind those in attendance that the team is still 3-2.

On the impending quarterback controversy, CJF said: ""[Larry's] got a lower leg injury. He could have come back if we needed him to but I felt like we would give Jordan (Rodgers) an opportunity to see what he can do. I thought Jordan did some things well, but we have got to eliminate the negative plays."

On the offense: "We can't just go down the field with 6 yard plays, 5 yard plays, 8 yard plays. We've got to get some big plays."

Jeff Lockridge writes the recap in today's Tennessean, while Greg Sullivan writes about Jordan Rodgers' performance and wonders whether the JUCO transfer should be elevated to QB1. While Sullivan described Rodgers' performance as "mixed" he writes: "[Rodgers] looked early on like he may be worth another look for an offense that has not scored a touchdown in nine quarters." 9 quarters, for those scoring at home, is over 2 games. If you'd live to weigh in the on quarterback quandary, scroll down.


Anonymous said...

Rodgers looks tougher, more agile and much more of a leader than Larry "perpetual disappointment" Smith. Larry has had 3 years of underperforming and gotten progressively worse each game since the Music City Bowl. Does anyone have any fond memories of great games Larry has had as QB?

Greg M said...


Anonymous said...

You should take it easy on LS. I don't recall 1 game or back to back games (over the last 2 years) where he had time to scan the field, make proper reads, then make the proper throws throughout a game. Yes he has struggled at times, but it's a team game and I trust this coaching staff. If Rogers or any other qb before him (Goro) could have beat him out, I am certain that they would be playing / starting now. This coaching staff wants to win NOW and have shown an ability to move players around in an attempt to get the best players in the rotations regardless of position; unlike the previous staff(s) no disrespect intended. They don't care about the emotions of "the backup qb"; any other position player or fans in general. The question is always "Did you beat out the other player out in competion, Yes or No ?". Obviously, in camp, there was not 1 qb who pushed LS enough to make it a close call for the offensive coaches. If Rogers starts against UGA and can play well enough to pull off the upset, he will likely not give the job back to LS especially if the O-line holds up which I expect it to. Go Dores !

Greg M said...

LS must be a hall of famer in practice with no pressure on him. Different story in SEC games under real pressure. We talkin about practice!!