Monday, September 19, 2011

South Carolina Week: James Franklin Press Conference

As Seamus posted last night, we are back from our Asian Invasion and promise VSL won't be as quiet going forward.

To get the week started, here is Coach Franklin's Monday Press Conference:

I would note that CJF said he feels the team is getting better each week. Franklin announced that WR John Cole is injured and will not be available against South Carolina. Franklin was specifically asked about Wesley Tate's emergence as a #1 receiver on the depth chart, and said he has been impressed with the converted running back.

When asked about why Navy was able to play the Gamecocks so close, he credited the Midshipmen system saying: "that's Navy." He added that "I will be fighting to keep them [Navy] off our schedule."

Franklin highlighted how important the noise in Columbia will be for a Commodore team that has yet to go on the road this season. CFJ put out an APB for speakers on campus. He said the team will be hearing the South Carolina fight-song a lot this week to learn how to play through it.

When asked about being an underdog, CJF informed the media, "I don't do a whole lot of gambling, so I don't know what the point-spread is." According to, Vanderbilt opens either a 16 or 16 1/2 dog depending on the book.

You can find the Game Notes and Depth Chart for the South Carolina game here.

Congratulations are in order for Trey Wilson and Wesley Johnson, who were named, respectively, SEC Defensive Player and Offensive Linemen of the Week. Here is the release from


Anonymous said...

Any insight on the complete MIA status of Warren Norman? He seems to be being held-out for more than just "getting him to 100%" especially when our offense needs every weapon it can get it's hands on (no disrespect to Stacey). I hope Warren gets in this week...

Bobby O'Shea said...

Franklin did not get into specifics during the press conference, but did say that, even when Norman returns, Jerron Seymour will continue to be a part of the rotation.

AD said...

Joe Fisher had a somewhat cryptic statement on Norman in his mailbag last week:

“It may have been addressed before but why is Warren Norman not playing right now? If not as a RB at least as a kick returner. Thanks.
- Jay, Nashville

“As you can imagine, there were a ton of questions in the mailbag about Warren. All I can tell you is he takes part in practice every day and is available to play. By avoiding the wear and tear and contact to this point, his knee gets every week. I would imagine the plan for Warren this week is the same; he is available and ready.”

AD said...

SC now under NCAA investigation:

Anonymous said...

VSL still lacking coverage. May need to take my readership elsewhere. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 60 times, shame on you.