Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Asked, "Where is VSL?" I Answer, "Lying in Wait."

I have to admit that this past summer, I have been AWOL. Despite the fact that Vanderbilt is pulling in tremendous football recruits, is on the brink of (let's hope) it's greatest basketball season ever, and just went to the College World Series, I just haven't been able to put together enough enthusiasm to write much. Not that there isn't plenty to be excited about. Vanderbilt sports are in a better position now that I have ever personally known.

The summer months are the doldrums. I love following basketball and football recruiting as much as the next person, but that is not exactly a quickly-rewarding process. I love our football recruiting job, I pray that Alex Poythress and Prince Ibeh will see what they and this present group of young players can truly achieve, and I'm as excited as the next person that Tyler Beede chose to turn down $2 million to be a Commodore. But, what else can be said about that? The football recruiting will probably take 2 years to bear fruit. We won't have what I really want, which is this year's (hopefully) magical basketball run, until November, and baseball is way on the horizon. You throw that in with the NCAA's storylines of cheating, corruption, and greed, and it means that there just ain't that much to say.

But fear not VSL Nation, we are on the brink of what could be the most exciting year in the history of our humble blog. We will get to see what James Franklin can truly do on the field in just a couple of months. Bobby O'Shea and I (and hopefully the rest of the braintrust), will be enjoying cold beverages at Vanderbilt Homecoming. We have our first ever VSL Fantasy Football league (we are still looking to fill completely, e-mail for details). Oh yeah, and we have the most anticipated season in modern Vanderbilt basketball history.

We're not slowing down...we're just getting warmed up!


Chuck Heston said...

010101 system reboot 0101010 2 wins 2010 01010 commence 2011 season +++++ emerge from hibernation **** initiate college athletics ### comments on

Anonymous said...

Where is american idol?
Still sucking - that's where.