Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VSL Hotline: 3rd Time's a Charm, Edition

Coach James Franklin's first depth chart told Larry Smith what many assumed all along: he'd be Vanderbilt's starting QB for the 3rd straight season. Jeff Lockridge has the full story in today's Tennessean. The complete Game Notes are available here for Vanderbilt's season opener against the Phoenix of Elon (seats are still available). Also interesting from yesterday's press conference with Coach Franklin was the announcement that Offensive Coordinator John Donovan will call plays, rather than Coach Frankin or the VSL Braintrust (we're here if you need us, Coach).

Lockridge, in a piece from Monday's Tennessean, argues that the team's offense will decide the outcome of their games this season. We agree.

Staying with Football, Texas A&M continues to take steps to leave the Big 12 (-2), as they received a letter yesterday from conference commissioner Dan Bebee outlining the procedures if they decide to relocate. The worth kept secret in college sports is that the Aggies want to join the SEC. What do you think, VSLNation?

We'll try and be better about posting as the season approaches, although I will warn you that the O'Sheas and O'Tooles are about to embark on an Asian Invasion that will force us to miss not only CJF's debut, but also the UConn and Ole Miss games. We will effort to find a sports bar in Mongolia that gets CSS, but we're not overly optimistic.


Andrew Smith said...

The SEC should be kept at 12 schools, but I'm still in favor of adding a school.

How? By forcing the two Mississippi schools to consolidate. Mississippi simply lacks the population for two national universities and by dividing its resources in half, it makes two schools that don't even make the US News Top 200 list, the only two major conference schools that miss the mark. If the SEC even wants to pretend it's more than a minor league system, it needs to tell the state to consolidate all its academic talent into one or the other.

That frees up a spot, which the league should only extend to a truly marquis school. Texas would be best. I'd also support Oklahoma, UNC or maybe Georgia Tech.

Of course, if you added Texas or Oklahoma, you'd need something written into the football contract that the winner of the SEC gets an automatic national championship bid, even if it has like three losses, because it would be nearly impossible to come out undefeated.

Anonymous said...

How one of those crappy fake "reality" shows starring A&M, VaTech, Mizzou, Clemson, Louisville, Fl.State, etc. and vote one off every episode.