Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vanderbilt Looking to Extend Corbin

Jeff Lockridge has the story in today's Tennessean. Apparently (and understandably), Vice Chancellor David Williams has made resigning Coach Tim Corbin a priority. Here's the part of the story that makes me smile:
"Asked of the prospects for an extension and a raise, Corbin said: “I have great confidence in David and how he handles the program. He’s been very good to us and he has a lot on his plate. I know when the time comes, his mind is definitely on baseball. He will take care of it. He always has.”

Corbin said his recent conversations with administrators have mostly focused on facilities and potential upgrades. Williams noted that once he has a prioritized list of Corbin’s wishes, he will get to work on it."
I await a piece from one of the Tennessean's columnists criticizing DW for not being able to read Corbin's mind or blindly throwing money at athletics.

Speaking of mismanaged athletic departments, UT hired anyone yet? Interesting how the train-wreck in Knoxville doesn't get any coverage while Vanderbilt's Williams is criticized for only having to make 1 high-profile hire (Franklin seems to be working out, wouldn't you say?). Seems to me like the most important thing the head of athletics can do is keep their quality coaches and give them the resources they need. Well, second most important. Keeping them off NCAA probation should actually be #1. Oops.

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