Friday, July 1, 2011

James Franklin Tweets About Building Program "3 Bricks at a Time"

James Franklin just tweeted this out: "Should be an interesting day 4 our Vandy fans & alumni as well as the entire SEC.Change is coming 3 bricks at a time,have fun w/ it.Go Dores"

Vanderbilt is awaiting the announcement from 3 potential, in-state recruits, today at 1:30pm. You think those are the guys he's referring to?

To find out, tune in to 104.5 The Zone's 3-Hour Lunch where the trio will be making their announcement.

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VandyImport said...

I'm scurrrrrred. I'm waiting for the vicious horrible M. Night twist or the TROOPER TAYLOR OUT OF !-ING NOWHERE or something horrible to happen. Because, well, that's what always happens to us.

Isn't it?