Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Working: James Franklin Makes Vanderbilt a Model to Follow

Maybe that's a stretch, but did you ever expect to see a positive story about Vanderbilt football recruiting with the word "lesson" in the title? BC Interruption, a Boston College blog that's part of the SB Nation Network, posted this story that should bring a smile to every Commodore fan's face: Lessons from Vanderbilt: Using Academics as a Recruiting Weapon. The post highlights Andy Staples' piece on SI.com after Vanderbilt's recruiting coup last Friday.

Franklin's tact strikes me as not only correct, but the best and most effective way to sell the program. James Franklin has made the point since he got to Nashville that Vanderbilt has it "all," and that a student-athlete at Vanderbilt have opportunities that few other schools can match. Not only does it appear to be working, but other programs are taking notice.

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