Monday, June 27, 2011

Insert Dirk Norwitzski......However You Spell His Last Name...Joke Here

CKS and his staff received a verbal commitment from it's first 2012 player over the weekend. The player, 6'5 wing player, Kevin Bright from Mannheim, Germany. Both Vandy's rivals site and are reporting the commitment. Bright had cut down his choices to 3 schools (Utah, Cal, Vandy) before chooseing the Black and Gold.

Bright has not been evaluated by or Rivals but the guys at expect Bright to be a 4-star recruit.

This is a good start to the 2012 recruiting class, which will be both LARGE and very important with all the talent that is set to depart after this season. Some other names to keep track off are:
1) Alex Poythress, 6'8 power-forward from Clarksville, def Vandy's #1 target.
2) Tony Parker, 4-star center from Lithonia, Georgia (sounds like an Eastern Block city from 1991).

Vandy has textended offers to several other guys but I'd expect them to dive even deeper into this class. Poythress is the guy to watch....we get him then the rest of the class is just gravy.


Anonymous said...

Textended? I can't believe Stallings and co. are extending offers via text now. Seems lazy. Anyway, what's the read on Poythress right now? Who else is he looking at, and how interested does he seem in us?

Douglas James said...

Poythress is considered a top 30 prospect in the country, which means everyone in the ACC/SEC is going to take a serious look at this kid and most will extend offers.

CKS extended a rare (for him) offer to Poythress when he was sophomore and have kept up with him. The kid has visited Vandy several times and I think no matter what will have Vandy in his top 3 at the end.

Obviously we are all wondering if this kid is more John Jenkins/Kedren Johnson or more Casey Prather?

I think the endings of the past few seasons hurts our chances but not a ton since he knows that we are going to lose so much talent at the end of this season.

If he is looking to stay close to home and wants immediate playing time then I think we have a good shot. But with Duke, UConn, Florida, Louisville, Memphis, Ohio State, Texas, West Virginia and more out there......its not going to be easy to get this kid.