Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Commodores Aren't Saved by the Rain; Gators Hang On 3-1

Vanderbilt managed just 4 hits against a Florida team that has, without question, been the most dominating in Omaha so far. With their 3-1 loss, the Commodores face UNC in an elimination game tomorrow at 7pm eastern on ESPN. Grayson Garvin pitched an excellent game but for 1 pitch to Preston Tucker that he parked over the bullpen in right. That 3-run homer was all Kevin O'Sullivan's squad would need.

Today's game resumed in the bottom of the 6th with 2 outs. Gator pitcher Steven Rodriquez faced just 11 Commodores after play resumed this morning, surrendering a 1-out walk to Connor Harrell in the 7th. He would be the only Vanderbilt player to reach base.

Despite the fact that Florida is now 4-1 against the Commodores, these teams are very evenly matched. Still, Tim Corbin's squad will have to win 3 straight, including 2 against the Gators to make it to the National Championship series. One game at a time, but the reality is Vanderbilt's first loss in the NCAA Tournament puts their backs firmly against the wall.

By the way, the College World Series is awesome, Omaha is great, and if you're reading this site you have no excuse not to go at some point.


Anonymous said...

The Florida Gators have officially become Vandy's kryptonite in all three major sports over the last year. Could not beat them in football (usual result), could not beat them in three tries in basketball, and except for one 14-1win back in May, cannot get over the hump in baseball against them when it counts. I am so happy they made to the CWS, but I hate to see them eliminated at the hands (or teeth) of the Gators. UNC may be the team ending the 'Dores run, but the Gators put the fatal bite in them last night.

Anonymous said...

We put the fatal bite in ourselves. Two mistakes carried on that inning, and it should have been over...

then one bad pitch gave them three runs.

I also wish one of the many balks UF committed would have been called, but I'm not passing blame.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, we would have beat them in football ('05) except for the crooked ref making the infamous call on Earl. If you have to cheat to win, it's not a win.