Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vandy Handles Louisville; Esposito Hitting Streak Snapped

Jason Esposito's 27-game hitting streak ended last night after he went 0-for-3, but that was about the only bad news as the Commodores (41-6) cruised to a 5-1 victory over the Cardinals (25-24).  Curt Casali and Connor Harrell each hit two-run bombs.

Florida comes to town this weekend for the last, and probably biggest, home series of the season.  Two weeks away from Hoover...


Anonymous said...

Harrell peaking at the right time. Not a weak link in lineup as we close out the season.

Also, my word verification to remain anonymous is "firrypoo"

Anonymous said...

Nice road win. It sucks about Espo's streak ending. You know what else sucks even worse? They show it on Fox Wed. and Thurs. nights. It features mostly untalented hacks who haven't paid a bit of dues in music.

Give up? It's what sucks more than anything! american idol of course