Monday, April 4, 2011

Congratulations, Slam'em Dores for Winning the VSL Bracket Challenge

As the only person to pick the Huskies to win the National Championship, you sit firmly atop of the VSL Bracket Challenge (besting the next closest entry by 240 points). Your prize: 2 tickets to the one of the first 3 football games of the season.

Anyone want to see, 2nd prize? 2nd Prize is a set of steak knives.

Third prize is you're fired.

Warning: There is some adult language in this video. While it is against our custom and practice to post, I really couldn't resist.

Finally, congratulations to Seamus for finishing second to last. As it turns out, you even suck at sucking.


Seamus O'Toole said...

Speaking of sucking at sucking, was that not the worst national championship game you've ever witnessed? Sloppy, boring, painful...felt like I was watching a regular season D-III game. Here's one for you: What's the over/under on number of college hoops fans around the country who were thinking to themselves last night -- as they watched the level of competition -- that this year should have been their team's year? Just a bizarre season all in all.

AD said...

For some reason, it seemed more apparent this year than in past years that college is the NBA's minor league. Maybe it's because, despite seemingly having more close games overall and more close games deeper into the tournament, the games weren't that compelling (or as compelling as the scoreboard suggested they should have been) because of a depressed level of gameplay or the absence of compelling players and teams. There was the usual mix of new faces and new schools, and VCU's run is totally counter to what I'm writing about, but even their deal was what it was because they were playing out of their minds, and when they finally lost, it was because they played like their usual selves, not because they played poorly (as was the case for Butler, I think).

Usually the Tournament is a time when we're introduced to up-and-coming players and squads that may not win it all, but we have a preview for next year. Now, there aren't really any great squads or "programs," and any player who makes any sort of splash or ripple in March should have declared for the draft between the final buzzer and the postgame preser.

My other theory, which will garner even fewer responses than the above one, has to do with the court conditions at the Final Four. I know Butler shot terribly (if your BAC was their shooting percentage you: a) could have legally driven home from the bar, and b) probably really hated watching that game) and VCU cooled off to mortal proportions, but I think in trying to get the facilities all nice and just right for the big games they had the rims fixed on too tight. I don't even know if that's mechanically possible, but those were the stiffest, coldest rims I've ever seen in a game.

If you don't want to read or respond to this, I will accept a dirty joke regarding my second point or a drive-by torching of Ralph Nader.

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