Monday, April 18, 2011

Coach Franklin's Post-Black and Gold Game Press Conference

- On the offensive line: "I think it's very, very obvious, our need for offensive lineman here, and our depth on the offensive line. The development of that position from now until Elon will be very, very important to our success."

- On the Defensive Line: "We're not the biggest D-line, but I do think we're quick, and we're not going to allow those guys to stand still. We're going to keep'em on the move, and be active, and I think that's going to allow those guys to make some plays. I do think we've got depth there. We want to be disruptive, active, and aggressive with everything we do."

- On Offensive "Balance": "The reality is, we're going to do whatever we got to to win the game. I believe being balanced, means you have the ability to run or pass in any situation in the game."

- On the Black and Gold Game and why it's important: "[You hope the team] gets some confidence from today. Guys that went out there, under the lights, in front of the fans, making plays. We can build on that."

- On the Receiving Corps: "Krause looked like a big-time wide-out tonight . . . [Wide receiver] is probably an area I think we need to recruit more. I think we need to develop the players that we do have here. I think we have a possession receiver mentality around here. Which to me is like a bad word. I want guys that are bid play guys."


Anonymous said...

Not exactly overflowing with confidence right now...although maybe CJF is just more frank than previous coaches and is giving us a more realistic picture of where we're at. That would be a nice mindset.

Vandygal78 said...

CJF is just telling it as it is. Recruiting is the key to the future. He is counting on our speed and big plays to be competitive for 2011. I'm still really excited for this first year under Franklin.