Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to Baseball for a Minute: Coach Corbin's Weekly Press Conference

Corbin is upbeat, despite Vanderbilt dropping 2 of 3 to South Carolina: "More positives than negatives. Just disappointed losing the last game. We played well"

More: "I really like our team. I really like our kids. We're tough, we're intense, we play well, we play well under pressure, have a high care-level. We're good for a reason."

On how this loss will help going forward: "It was a Super-Regional played before June. It was that type of experience. Now whether we ever get there, who knows, we've got improving to do. But as the same time, there were only about 2 teams that had an opportunity to play in that atmosphere."

On playing in the SEC: "It's awesome. That's what makes recruiting easy. When you can play at this level you get kids who say 'yeah, I want to play there. I want to play where it's relevant, where it's important, where people care.'"'s Weekly Baseball Report

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