Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vanderbilt TV Time Announced

The Commodores will play in the 2nd game of the afternoon session in Denver. Vanderbilt will play Thursday afternoon around 3:00 central time, with the game being televised on TBS.

For complete times of the first 2 rounds, click here.

A bracket with game times posted is available here.

Opening lines have Vanderbilt anywhere from -1 to -2, but I expect that action could move if Richmond becomes a "sexy" upset pick.


Anonymous said...

Last year, the Murray State/ Vanderbilt was THE upset to pick. This year it is Wisconsin/ Belmont.

We dodged that bullet

Drew said...

We got Lundquist/Raftery! Love it!

Chuck Heston said...

Seveal commentators have said that Vandy could not have gotten a worse 12 seed opponent and that it should be a close (and to them) great game. However, VU matches up well with Richmond. While I have no statistics to back this up, I think that mid-major teams that win their conf. titles are not as motivated as major teams who lost in earlier rounds of theirs.

VU - 81 Richmond - 71.