Friday, March 25, 2011

I Like This...I Post One Article And Let The Comments Go Where They Will

As expected Jay Fullum will be transferring to the Air Force at the end of the semester. The more surprising part is that Jamie Graham is also transferring. Now I don't know the story behind his deciding to transfer but the word around was that Jamie was done with football due to concussion issues, but I thought he would still graduate from Vandy. There aren't many details about what the reasoning behind Jamie's transfer are but I know I speak for everyone in saying we wish Jamie only the best. He was so much fun to watch on the basketball court and really brought a desire to do whatever is necessary to win that any team could benefit from. On the football field I think he was put in a bad spot, constantly shuffling from offense to defense, he seemed to never get his feet set in either position. But he seemed to have all the talent in the world in whatever he wanted to do. I'm sure that talent and desire will serve him well no matter where he ends up. Thanks Jamie for making it fun to be a Vandy fan!

UPDATE: Ok looks like Jamie will be graduating this semester from Vandy and is looking at other schools for grad school and may or may not continue his football career at wherever he ends up.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to both Jay and Jamie.

Mahoney said...

I saw today that Jeff Mullen - OC at WVU whom we were courting - signed on to become the new OC at UNC-Charlotte...and they do not even have a standing football program. They are starting one up, for play to begin in 2013. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

"Good Brandon Knight Buckeyes"

So funny we're forced to talk about non-timely stuff right now because our Stallings basketball team come tourney time is such a fail. Meanwhile, our UK & UF brethren are just getting money figuratively and literally. Hope we get this Jay and Jamie situation sorted though...!

Anonymous said...

Jared Sullinger, a much better player than Jeffrey Taylor, says he will return.