Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And My Wife Wonders Why I Get So Angry When Vanderbilt Underperforms?

This quote from Pat Forde's Forde Minutes makes my blood boil:

Dark horse: Mississippi State. It's been a ridiculously dysfunctional year in Starkville -- but nobody ever said the Bulldogs lack talent, and they're on a three-game winning streak. With a first-round bye and a likely quarterfinal matchup with notorious SEC tourney dog Vanderbilt, Mississippi State could make a move. "

Based off nothing more than our previous history, Pat Forde has a right to mention this. Vanderbilt fans are desperate to shake this awful reputation. This team has the talent to do it, the question is whether they will execute.


Vandy-Montana said...

Does anyone want to comment on the last play at the Garden in the Rutgers/St. Johns game? Wow did the officials screw that up. They took the last 15 seconds of that game off. Both Jim Burr and Tim Higgins should not officiate in any post-season tournament from here on out. That was CRAZY. I hope they get severely reprimanded.

Chuck Heston said...

Not only does the team have the talent, they have the seeding to make a run at the Tourney Final. Hopefully the LSU game is a milk run. Then VU faces Dee Bost and co. Now let me ask you this. If you had to choose, would you take a rested VU over a State team that had a tune up game against LSU, or vice-versa? Keep in mind that UF will face the winner of AK vs. UT.

Drew said...


I agree. That was awful. If I was a Rutgers fan, I'd be livid. I honestly can't remember anything like that before.

sdubs said...

Higgins has been at memorial all year and is bad. Real bad. See, e.g., the Alabama game. He needs to call it a career.