Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Are You Waiting For? Contribute to the National Commodore Club

From now until May 31st, we at VSL will be trying to help the NCC grow their membership. Our goal is to help the NCC add 40 new members and $5,000. In the days and weeks ahead, we'll be giving you more information about the NCC, what they do, and why your support is important. As part of our efforts to raise money, we at VSL will be working with the NCC to help put together events and special opportunities for VSL readers who join the NCC. When you do contribute, please put "VSL" or "Vanderbilt Sports Line" in the Special Comments Section so they can track VSL's efforts and we can monitor our progress towards our 40 person/$5,000 goal. If you've already contributed and didn't put this in, please email us your name so we can make sure the NCC knows you're with us.

As an added inventive to join, the NCC has added benefits for the lower giving levels, as well as unveiled a new "Commodores On Board" Campaign that gives you an opportunity to earn additional rewards for getting your friends and family to join. What are you waiting for, contribute to the National Commodore Club today.

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