Thursday, February 17, 2011

We Won. You're Excited. Now Give to the National Commodore Club

By now you know that we are helping the NCC raise money and grow its membership. After last night's game, I'm sure you got an email or text from a friend talking about the Commodore comeback. While getting coffee or a donut one of your work colleagues chatted you up about the win last night, didn't they? It's OK, you can admit it. They did. And didn't that feel awesome to be able to talk about your team gut out a 14 point second half deficit on the road? Of course it did, because when Vanderbilt wins, you feel awesome and can't help but be in a great mood. Now, besides commenting on how fantastic this team is (or telling ebullient fans not to overreact to one win), you can actually do something to help keep the success going. Give to the National Commodore Club.

Our goal is to help the NCC add 40 new members and $5,000. So far, I know we've added at least 3 members, and gotten commitments from several others. If you are a VSL reader and have contributed, and want to make sure you've been included in the "VSL universe" shoot us an email with your information so we can let the NCC know you're part of VSLNation. If you haven't contributed yet, but are now planning to do so because of this call to arms, be sure and put "VSL" or "Vanderbilt Sports Line" in the Special Comments Section so they can track VSL's efforts. As we've mentioned, the NCC is looking out for VSL readers and is going to try to put together some special opportunities for our readers. If you've got any suggestions on what some of those things might be, please let us know via the comments or email.

Don't you want seats when Vanderbilt is playing big games in March? Join the NCC today.

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HeimThyme said...

I gave. Go 'Dores. I sure hope the NCC hooks me up when the 'Dores are playing in Houston this March.