Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Initial Reaction: Your Thoughts on Vanderbilt Football After National Signing Day 2011


CAR said...

Ecstatic, because we were at the bring of disaster here, and CJF did an incredible job in the last month. I think this class is basically equal to last year's class, but we were in a much more difficult position this year.

The Goche (A.J.) said...

Super impressed. I just hope they coach as well as they recruit.

Still a little sad we miss out on our biggest (as in largest) recruit, Mazyck. But it seems like that wasn't our fault, maybe academic.

Still, you see us listed as possibles for all these guys and it just shocks you when you land basically all of them.

Especially big not to lose anyone to other schools. That shows a lot about the recruiters.

Douglas James said...

I agree coaching these kids up is the real important thing. Having someone develop a real SEC level QB is so important to our success.

Anonymous said...

Who were the 2 dumba55es who were disappointed in the recruiting class?

Simon Cowell and a woman with PMS?

PMS sucks. american idol sucks.

The recruiting class was very good.