Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glockner: Jenkins One of College Basketball's Most Underappreciated Players

Andy Glockner of SI.com has put together an All-Underappreciated Team, and John Jenkins is his starting shooting guard. From the article, with a little love from Wisconsin PG Jordan Taylor thrown in the mix:
SG: John Jenkins, Vanderbilt

Just a shooter? Well, even if that's all he is (which isn't true), he's a damn good one. Jenkins is currently leading the SEC in scoring at just under 20 points a game. His three-point percentage (41.7 percent) is down a bit from last year, but Jenkins is carrying a heavier shot load this year for the Commodores (26.5 percent of all Vandy shots when he's on the floor vs. 23.7 percent last season) in much heavier minutes. Jenkins is also scoring from inside the arc much more often and effectively than last season and is getting to the line more frequently (shooting 90 percent when he gets there).

"I saw him more last year," Taylor said, "[but] I think of [Duke's] Andre Dawkins when I see [him]. I've just seen a little bit of both of them, but I think they play kind of similar. They can fill it up in a hurry."

If I have Taylor running the show, I know he's going to make the smart decision and find Jenkins when he's open. And, yes, Jenkins would then fill it up in a hurry.

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