Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Give Some Green, Before Whiting Out

Join the National Commodore Club today.

Thanks to you all, we're making a lot of progress towards our goal of helping the NCC add 40 new members and raise $5,000. So far, 8 VSLers have joined members, contributing at least $1,950. At this rate, we might even have to increase our own goals (don't think we won't, it's our hope to shatter this goal). If you are a VSL reader and have already contributed, and want to make sure you've been included in the "VSL universe" shoot us an email with your information so we can let the NCC know you're part of VSLNation. If you haven't contributed yet, but are now planning to do so, be sure and put "VSL" or "Vanderbilt Sports Line" in the Special Comments Section so they can track VSL's efforts.

I had lunch with some of the great NCC staff yesterday, and they reiterated to me how excited they are about VSL's efforts and the out-pouring of support from our readers. As we've mentioned, the NCC is looking out for VSL readers and is going to try to put together some special opportunities for you guys. If you've got any suggestions on what some of those things might be, please let us know.

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