Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vanderbilt in Context

SEC_Hoops tweeted a PDF of where SEC teams stack up statistically in the NCAA. Not surprisingly, Vanderbilt appears in several categories, many of which bode well for the Commodores are they enter SEC play.

Here are the stats that stood out to me:
- Scoring Margin: 16 (24th in the NCAA/2nd to Kentucky, who are 15th)
- FG% Defense: 38.2% (23rd/3rd in SEC behind Alabama (3) and Arkansas (9))
- 3FG% Defense: 28.3% (18th overall/best in the SEC)
- Blocks: 6.0 (11th overall/tied for 3rd with UGA, behind Arkansas (1) and UK (5))


Anonymous said...

-suck margin...american idol #1

Bobby O'Shea said...

It's over, dude. Really. Give it up.

Vandy-Montana said...

I'm not much into pre-conference statistics as the variance of opponents is so vast.