Friday, January 7, 2011

Taylor 8th Best Pro-Prospect in College?

Saw this article on, which lists the Top 25 pro-prospects playing in college. Was surprised to find our own Jeff Taylor listed at #8.

Not saying Jeff doesn't deserve such praise but with his early season struggles and the fact that upperclassman tend to get lost in the draft shuffle I guess I assumed he would be in the more 15-25 part of the list than in the top 10. The most interesting part of his evaluation, in my opinion, was his projecting in the 2011 draft....anywhere from 7th overall to 20th. That's quite a range.

If I had to guess I would expect Jeff steadily improve his prospects throughout the year but then "drop" in the actual draft because he isn't a 19 year old kid from UNC or UK. I think he ends up in the 2nd half of the 1st round, which is still quite an accomplishment. while I would love to have Jeff back next year, I just don't see that happening.

Also worth taking a look at is's "SEC Hoops Primer".

It's a pretty good read and what I would say is a fair analysis of the SEC. Vandy and Stallings in particular gets some good pub:

Coach you want drawing up a last-second play

Kevin Stallings. Chronically undervalued, the Vanderbilt coach gets good but not crazy good talent every season. Yet every season his team is in the thick of things. Vandy has made four NCAA tourney appearances under Stallings and twice their head coach has been named league coach of the year. Good enough for me.


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As for other pro prospects, a story for those who love to read about Coach Cal and our neighbor to the northeast: