Thursday, January 20, 2011 Reviews Memorial Gym

Stadium Journey is a website that reviews all the sports venues in America. Here's the review. If it were me, I'd switch the "food" and atmosphere scores, but then again I believe the only way to attend a Vanderbilt game is to pre-game at Rotier's or SATCO. Still, it's worth a read.


Anonymous said...

Yea Memorial is pretty awesome. I want them to do 3 things to it though... 1) in my section we still have bench seating. Id love chairs with backs. 2) Id love a new jumbo tron. One with a clearer screen. 3) Murals or something on the walls when you walk the hallways into the gym. Again, minor things (except for better seats for us blue collar folk). I still love Memorial with all my heart. Go Dores.

Anonymous said...

Memorial rules. But the sound system sucks like american idol. Well, nothing sucks that bad. Maybe ut does

But the sound system is really outdated to the point that usually the only thing you can hear the p.a. guys say is "time is out on the floor" during the t.v./radio mandated timeouts.

Can VU find a way to make the football stadium unique and interesting without trying any stupid gimicks? Rocket ships where the tents are instead of tents...and put "all in" on them.

Paul said...

I've attended several games now as a photographer (side job) and I'll have to be honest with you - your gym is one of the louder ones I've been to. It rivals games played in the ACC in terms of sheer crowd noise. Hope y'all do well this year.

If you haven't already, please check out some of my pictures from Jeffrey's monster dunk against UGA:

Monster Ally-Oop

-a Georgia Tech alum

Anonymous said...

we definitely need a new jumbo tron. it's not even straight any more. seriously. look up there. it's crooked.