Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Reason to Love Coach James Franklin

While out recruiting and checking out local high schools, CJF was listening to 104.5 the Zone and was concerned they weren't talking enough about Vanderbilt football. What did he do? Called in and spoke to the 3 Hour Lunch guys. CJF's 10 minute segment shows that Franklin will be a great salesman for the program, something that will be important not only when recruiting, but also in helping build excitement locally.

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AD said...

A few bullet points:

CJF's self-stated goal: "Greatest turnaround in college football history."

Not a system guy, favors aggression on both sides of the ball, works to the strengths of the players he has. Not a Richrod.

Sounds like a very professional, energetic, confident head coach type.

"Success is our only option. We are storming the beaches. We are burning the boats behind us."

Wants to hear 104.5 talking about the most important program in the state, and they want to hear from him, they need to be talking about Vanderbilt football. "When I come into the studio, I want to see three guys wearing Vanderbilt tshirts."