Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Washington Post Report: Maryland Offensive Coordinator Finalist for Vanderbilt Head Coaching Job

Citing a "a source familiar with the details of the search," the Washington Post's Eric Prisbell is reporting that Maryland Offensive Coordinator James Franklin is one of two finalists to become Vanderbilt's next head coach. The source believes Stanford Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman is the other finalist.


Anonymous said...

If legit, I don't consider Franklin a solid candidate

A.J. said...

I vote Roman.

I love that he's been at a similar school. I love that his offense leads the league in TOP, I know that TOP doesn't = victory, but going up against bigger more athletic SEC teams, any time we are wearing their defense out while resting ours is a big boost.

Also, Harbaugh says he's aces.

Anonymous said...

I consider both guys good fits and hires for the job. We would be stealing OCs from two of the top conferences in the country. In the end I think it will be Roman, but everything Ive read about Franklin has been solid. Its hard to find an article about this guy which doesnt talk about how he is on of the up and coming coaches in the country. Either way, I think for Vandy we have been agresive in the coaching search. At least we arent doing Nebraska a favor and taking their OC.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Roman is the pick. Solid coach who comes from a solid program with strong academics and good pac 10 football. Should be a smooth transition from the top of the pac 10 to the sec. Stanford has recruited similar type players as Vandy is seeking; both physically and mentally tough players. I think that the players will enjoy playing for him. Being an asst coach to Harbaugh likely means that he is very good at evaluating talent which was a problem with the old staff. Hope it's done by this weekend as I am sure that the players are getting a little nervous by the long time-table. Go Dores .