Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vandy Tops Belmont 85-76

It certainly wasn't easy, but Vandy wins at Memorial. Turnovers were still an issue as the team committed 20. Credit must go to Belmont for their defense on Jenkins. I haven't done the research, but this might be the first game John has ever failed to hit a three.

Regardless, Vandy had 5 players in double figures. The gameball goes to Festus Ezeli who was an absolute monster. 24 points, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks, just an amazing performance. If you're going to rag on Taylor, give him props for turning it on at a time of need. 16 points and 8 boards is a solid performance. MUST give Lance props for a great performance. He had 15 points and 6 boards, and if he cuts down on his turnovers he can be such a valuable contributor. Finally, Tinsley had a solid game scoring with 14 and shot well today, but having only 2 assists is concerning.

Anyway, that's my analysis of the stats. Anyone who was at the game with anything to offer?


Owen said...

Festus played like a man and showed that he wanted the ball down low. It's really fun to watch someone like him turn into a strong contributor on a good team.

Jenkins took a couple of really terrible shots but was also guarded very well too.

Gouldbourne and Taylor have got to figure out a way to keep the turnovers to a minimum....

Really fun game to watch. Belmont was a very entertaining team.

Unknown said...

nice to see fez raise hell like that. who knew he would be our second highest scorer?

johnny cash will rebound vs. Mizzou. can't wait to see that game.

great for unc to beat kentucky too. aside from loving it anytime kentucky loses, it'll be great for us if unc has a legit season and they showed today that they can still make it happen.

Anonymous said...

I know off the top of my head that Jenkins didn't make a three in the Georgia game last year where he went like 0-8. Two days after that game, Jenkins was in the hospital for being sick.

Greg said...

I’ll still "rag" on Taylor... the guy just isn’t performing like we expect him too. He had 6 of those points within the first 3 minutes of the game and only scored 10 the rest of the way. His hang on the rim after the dunk, he looked like a punk whining about it after he got the dunk. You know you can’t hang on the rim like that, you really weren’t expecting a technical? Please. When he’s out of the court, I see 4 guys with chemistry and then Taylor. If he’s thinking about the lottery pick and going to the NBA he better wake up cause will end overseas.

This was supposed to be his year and his team but its turning into the year of Jenkins and Fes... hence ESPN's promo for the Missouri Vandy game "John Jenkins and Festus Ezeli lead Vanderbilt against Missouri…" Taylor will be this years Ogilvy unless he wakes up. Think I’m ragging on the guy? Even Stallings says Taylor isn’t “looking through the lens” of the team.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall Taylor going through a similar phase last year, essentially disappearing from view for several games.

He's got talent and he'll come around eventually. I'll feel better when he scores in the 20's consistently. For now though, I'll be content w/ mid-teens and 6+ rebounds,

Owen said...

right now, he just shows flashes of what i think we're all expecting. to begin the game yesterday, it looked like he was going to take it over from the first possession forward. after the first 5 minutes or so, he was quiet. it was disappointing.